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Article: Choose the best rings for your hand type

Choose the best rings for your hand type

Choose the best rings for your hand type

The rings are perfect jewels to give a different bright to our looks, besides playing an important role when you wish to complement your outfit. And as you could see, most of the time they have such a shape that there is no need to wear another jewel.

However, choosing your rings is not as easy as we could think. The selection of the best ring for your outfits goes beyond the design or the size. You should take into account some aspects to give them the importance they could have at the moment of going out, without forgetting the fact that they should look well over your hand.

That’s why, from Sophia Jewels, we will help you to discover what aspects you should consider to choose the perfect ring that match with the occasion, your style, personality, preferences, and of course your hand type.

Hand types and best rings to choose

People are different, and depending on their characteristics some jewels will look better than others, or even a particular hairstyle, makeup or look, could highlight more the silhouette. In this case, your hand type can influence over the style or design of the ring you choose, because not all the designs will help you to hide or emphasize a specific aspect.

Now, let’s know the different hand types, so you can define what type you have and which rings go better for you.

• Big hands

If your case is that you have thick and big hands, small or delicate rings will lose in hand size. However, rings with big stones or thick designs will help you to give the visual illusion of smaller hands, and your rings will be highlighted. We recommend you to wear colorful, huge, striking models to hide your hand size.

Magnum Ring
• Small hands

On the contrary, if you have small hands, they look better with small rings as well. Big rings with extravagant stones will make your hands look even smaller and weird. If this is your case, we advise you to wear delicate rings with oval, round, square, or even heart shape.

Shiny Love Ring
• Young hands

Believe it or not, age influences the type of ring you can choose. If you have young hands, small rings are perfect because they call the attention and complement the delicacy of this hand type. For example, you can wear minimalist and thin rings with some small stone.

Luminous Union Ring
• Mature hands

Delicate and simple rings can attract more attention to the hand that to the rings themselves, so your goal is to use big and colorful rings to focus on them. In addition, as the knuckles can become bigger, big rings could help to create balance in your hand, and you will look more elegant.

Link Ring
• Long fingers

Having long fingers give you the possibility of wearing almost any design of ring because they help your hands look delicate and stylized. So, you can wear rings with big stones, rings with pearls of different sizes, rings with extravagant designs, or small rings with subtle designs. However, if you have very long fingers, rings with circular designs will help you to camouflage the length of your fingers.

Pink Glossy Ring
• Short fingers

If you have short fingers, the best option is to wear rings that create the illusion of having long fingers. To reach this, you can wear rings with long or vertical designs, or even you can wear rings with marquise or pear cut. It is important to avoid those rings with big shapes, or with round designs, since they will shorten even more your fingers.

Kristus Ring
• Thick fingers

Thick fingers characterize by having big knuckles and they give a round and short aspect to the fingers and hand. So, for hiding the width of fingers, the best rings you can wear are those delicate with simple and minimalist design. The models you should avoid are the big rings with thick and striking design to not shorten even more the fingers.

Crusader Ring
• Thin fingers

If you have thin fingers, your goal is to give the visual illusion of increasing the width of your fingers. To reach this, you should wear thick rings with big stones and eye-catching. Remember that, in case you have thin fingers, you shouldn’t wear thin rings with simple designs because your fingers will look even more thin.

Athena Ring
There are several ring designs and they are fabulous, but not all of them will favor you. Don’t forget that, according to your hand type, you can wear different types of rings, whether they are large, small, delicate, with natural stones or pearls, striking or colorful. In addition, your personality and preferences will influence as well. And, if you want to know what rings mean according to the finger where you wear them, visit our blog.

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