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Know your ring size

There are 3 methods to know your diameter or circumference:

METHOD 1) SOPHIA: Ring Sizer: With the Sophia Ring Sizer, you can quickly find out what your size is.

Simply put your finger through the ring sizer until you find your finger size, which will be indicated on the ring sizer.

You can buy it by clicking here.


METHOD 2) DIAMETERTake another ring as reference and measure the diameter:


METHOD 3) CIRCUMFERENCE: Take a ribbon, a thread of a strip of paper. Roll around the finger near the knuckle, mark with a pen at the intersection, measure the distance. That distance is the circumference.




Once you know one of there measures, check in the table below to SOPHIA JEWELS SIZE.

Example 1: If your ring has a diameter of 18,1 mm, it corresponds to our size "8".
Example 2: if your finger has a circumference of 59,5 mm , it corresponds to our size "9".